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BRAIN Initiative Cell Atlas Network

Scientists working together to transform our understanding of the building blocks of the human brain.

The BRAIN Initiative® Cell Atlas Network (BICAN) is a collaborative effort between neuroscientists, computational biologists and software engineers to create a comprehensive atlas of the human brain. Supported by the U.S. BRAIN Initiative, we are dedicated to advancing our knowledge of the brain by gathering and sharing new data that allows us to develop the “parts list” of the brain, detailing the vast array of neurons and non-neuronal cells in the human brain. The BICAN continues the work of the BICCN consortium.


Our mission is to create an open-access compendium of data and tools that will enable researchers to better understand the structure and function of the brain and advance neuroscience research. We are committed to fostering collaboration among the scientific community and promoting the sharing of data and tools so that all of us can benefit from the collective knowledge.



Data Catalog




Search for BICCN and BICAN  generated data about cell types

Search for cutting edge BICCN and BICAN member laboratory protocols

Access tools generated by BICCN and BICAN consortia

Access tools and data models created by BICAN researchers


BICAN in the News

October 12, 2023

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September 22, 2022


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September 22, 2022


NIH BRAIN Initiative issues first BICAN and Armentarium awards

July 29, 2021


NIH Announced suite of BICAN funding opportunities

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